Lego® Ninjago™ Wu-Cru

Lego® Ninjago™ Wu-Cru

Lego® Ninjago™ Wu-Cru

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LEGO Ninjago WU-CRU (By LEGO Systems) - iOS / Android - Gameplay Video Part 1

Welcome To The WU-CRU - LEGO Ninjago

LEGO Ninjago Rush Tournament Most Powerful Ninja FULL !!!

Join the WU-CRU!

Calling all Ninjas, Master Wu needs you.

A Ninja alone is powerful, but a ninja team is unstoppable.

Join the fight in this epic RPG as you rescue and team up with Jay, Zane, Nya, Cole and Kai to battle evil and save Ninjago Island.

Evil never stops, so join the WU-CRU now!

- Make your own ninja and master ninja skills: stealth and combat.
- Rescue and fight alongside your favourite Ninjago characters.
- Personalise your CRU of ninja before each battle.
- Collect blueprints and unlock Ninjago vehicles.
- Explore the entire LEGO® Ninjago universe and battle iconic villains.
- 60+ levels to unlock.

LEGO® Ninjago WU-CRU is free to play and offers no in-app purchases.

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The fight against evil never stops. Battle villains in new WU-CRU missions now. The WU-CRU needs you!